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Research Affiliate Applications


Florida International University’s Jack D. Gordon Institute of Public Policy is accepting applications for Research Affiliates to participate in the collaborative work, data and information sharing, and creation of research products relating to security challenges in the Western Hemisphere. The qualified Research Affiliates will be granted access to the FIU Security Research Hub (SRH) collaborative environment,  where various analytical and visualization tools, and cloud computing environments made available.


For more information, please see the Research Affiliate Flyer here.
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Non-Resident Scholar Applications


Florida International University’s Jack D. Gordon Institute of Public Policy is accepting applications for it’s Non-Resident Scholar program. Non-Resident Scholars are career professionals that have dedicated their lives to understanding and addressing the most pressing security challenges facing the world today. These exceptional individuals are tasked with creating analytic products and presentations on mutually agreed topics that will be posted on the SRH and presented at workshops and events hosted by the SRH.


For more information, please send an email to SRH@FIU.EDU
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Research Resources

Graphic_SRH Reports

The SRH reports is a Research Repository and digital commons holds almost 600 academic and informational reports on the most pressing security challenges in the Western Hemisphere. New reports are frequently added to make the repository as up to date as possible.


To have a report included in the repository please contact SRH@FIU.EDU


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Analytical papers and reports created by leading academics and professionals in the security environment from the SRH’s partners. These analytical products offer an in-depth perspective on prominent security challenges in the world today.


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Security Spotlights are dedicated areas that provide resources and information about global events that impact international security.


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FIU’s Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy (JGI) primary website. JGI serves as the forefront of public policy discourse by leading, integrating, and delivering exceptional multidisciplinary education and research while improving the competitiveness and diversity of students and professionals entering the workforce.


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Cybersecurity@FIU serves as FIU’s hub for all initiatives and programs involving cybersecurity throughout the university. Taking a multi-faceted approach, the university combines technical cybersecurity strength in areas such as cyberphysical systems, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing and storage with complementary expertise in international and public affairs, business, and law. 


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Global Security Review is the flagship journal of the Jack Gordon Institute at FIU. This journal seeks to publish pieces by leading academics, policy analysts, and practitioners on important security issues in the twenty-first century. Each issue deals with a particular topic related to global security and the articles seek to provide an innovative way to bridge the divide between academia and policy.



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FIU’s Extreme Events Institute (EEI) is a multi-hazard and transdisciplinary institute at FIU that focuses on understanding emergencies, disasters, and catastrophes. In practice this means researchers co-located or at least “rubbing shoulders” on a daily to weekly basis from engineering, the earth and atmospheric sciences, public health, business administration, computer science, economics, political science, and others.


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The Global Forensic and Justice Center is a Preeminent Program at FIU and functions as a collaborative endeavor that has demonstrated extraordinary success in providing unique learning opportunities and pioneering research and engagement in the forensic science and criminal justice industries.


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The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism—better known as START—is a university-based research and education center comprised of an international network of scholars committed to the scientific study of the causes and human consequences of terrorism in the United States and around the world. START aims to provide homeland security policy-makers and practitioners with the highest quality, data-driven research findings on the human causes and consequences of terrorism in an effort to ensure that homeland security policies and operations reflect these understandings about human behaviors.



Created in 2008, and succeeding the GRREUDI Center for Human Rights, the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research (CARDH) is a non-profit Haitian civil society organization with consultative status with the United Nations (Economic and Social Council). Its mission is to contribute to the respect and promotion of the rights and principles postulated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a condition for achieving democracy, the rule of law, sustainable development, good governance, poverty eradication and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).