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FIU Security Research Hub (SRH) serves as a collaborative virtual platform to harness publicly available information that supports collaboration and shared understanding.
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About the SRH Platform

The Security Research Hub (SRH) was created to facilitate virtual collaboration and information sharing, amongst a variety of partners, to address critical security issues within the Latin American and Caribbean region. The SRH aims to serve as a virtual community that brings together industry experts, stakeholders, and researchers across the hemisphere to create content that will hopefully influence policy making decisions to make the LATAM and Caribbean region more secure.


The SRH will also serve as a platform for professional education and training. It will allow those interested in entering the security and research workforce to develop the competencies, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed and contribute to the greater security and research community.
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A Full Research Repository

The SRH Report Repository is a curated collection of publicly available research and reports related to Latin American and Caribbean security issues.  Research reports collected leverage data from publicly available sources to create synthesized products to support important research questions.
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Recent Announcements


Artificial Intelligence and Governance Course – Deadline to Apply

            In this virtual course, participants will have the opportunity to understand how AI is becoming an important component in the provision of services at all levels of government, with important implications for policy and decision-makers. Participants will explore some...

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Cybersecurity and Leadership Strategy Course – Deadline to Enroll

In this virtual course, jointly organized with the Organization of American States (OAS), participants will engage with academics, industry leaders, and cybersecurity experts in assessing the most critical cyber threats facing the public and private sectors in the 21st century. Participants will be exposed to...

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Forensic Analysis and Governance Course – Deadline to Apply

In this virtual course, participants will have the opportunity to understand how biometric and forensic intelligence has become an important component in safeguarding public safety and security across government. Participants will explore the foundations, applications, and disciplines of forensic intelligence as well as the policy,...

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Information Landscape and Policy Course – Deadline to Apply

                          This virtual course offers participants the opportunity to understand how the collection of information and the use of propaganda is used in the search for a competitive advantage or to influence policy....

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Social Media Intelligence and Analysis Course – Deadline to Apply

This course goal is to give participants the opportunity to gather information on a suspect or target using their Social Media information. These are the same techniques used during the reconnaissance or OSINT process, but focusing directly on the target’s Social Media presence. The course...

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