Welcome to the Security Research Hub

A Virtual Collaborative Research Hub Platform

The Security Research Hub (SRH) was created to facilitate virtual collaboration and information sharing, amongst a variety of partners, to address critical security issues within the Latin American and Caribbean region. The SRH aims to serve as a virtual community that brings together industry experts, stakeholders, and researchers across the hemisphere to create content that will hopefully influence policy making decisions to make the LATAM and Caribbean region more secure.

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The SRH will also serve as a platform for professional education and training. It will allow those interested in entering the security and research workforce to develop the competencies, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed and contribute to the greater security and research community.

A Full Research Repository

The SRH Report Repository is a selected collection of publicly available research and reports related to security problems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Research reports collected leverage data from publicly available sources to create synthesized products to support important research questions.
Open Research Repository
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Data Hub

Discover and interact with datasets that support research on illegal fishing, transnational organized crime, natural disasters, health and pandemics, migration, security, and more.
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The SRH and the Jack Gordon Institute frequently host events and that bring together thought leaders from across the hemisphere to discuss the most pressing security challenges facing the world today. Additionally, the Jack Gordon Institute has a variety of programming for professional education and workforce development.
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